The Super Sixes game is the only virtual simulation of an international cricket competition.

The Super Sixes tournament includes six nations: India, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand.

What is the Simulated Reality League (SRL)?

The ‘Simulated Reality League’ (SRL) technology practically replicates the outcome of a game of cricket, providing viewers a realistic experience of viewing a live cricket match. 

SRL replicates a cricket match very closely and enables live monitoring for its viewers so that they become engaged and immersed in the game.  

The SRL follows every rule outlined in the rulebook of a genuine cricket game, giving its viewers the sensation of following and participating in a real-time cricket game.

The simulation is carried out by a program that is based on the previous data, which works to improve the service performance and realism while also ensuring that all the outputs are identical to those of a real-life cricket match. 

The SRL began with a simulation of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which became very popular among the audience. Seeing the popularity of SRL IPL, the makers decided to create a simulated version of the Super Sixes, which became an instant hit among the viewers. 

What is Super Sixes SRL?

The ‘Super Sixes SRL’ is a virtual simulated international cricket event that includes six countries such as India, Australia, England, PakistanSouth Africa,  and New Zealand.

The Super Sixes SRL uses the same T20 format like the IPL SRL, which means all simulated matches will be T20 contests with a maximum of 20 overs per team. 

Except for a traditional T20 game, which may take up to three hours and more, Twenty-20 matches in the SRL last only two hours, eliminating all of the lost time. As a result, every Super Sixes match is projected to last two hours, with the toss being determined 5 minutes before the play and a 5 min break following the start of the very first session.

The six countries competing in the tournament will begin by playing a round-robin format.

What Is the Best Way to Bet on the Simulated Reality League?

Isn’t it fun to wager in the middle of the season in the cricket league? Exactly! It’s a fantastic way to supplement your income while having fun. You will not have any problems wagering on SRL if you know how to bet on cricket matches. You essentially have two choices:

SRL betting in real-time: In this situation, you must keep track of the Simulated Reality League cricket live score and put your wagers on while the match is still in progress. As you enjoy the game evolve, make predictions, and place your bets, live betting is typically more enjoyable.

SRL pre-match betting: You must examine pre-match odds and stake on your preferred team before the game starts while picking this option!

Where can I place a wager on these games?

The SRL brings satisfaction to bettors since it lets them profit even while the game is not being played. Every Super Sixes SRL game is available for betting. Markets are open for all four matches, with a total of 92 markets accessible for the day.

What marketplaces are there to choose from?

Only a few marketplaces exist for SRL tournaments. Some of the markets from a typical match in the IPL may be too fast-paced to apply. 

A few more are included by certain bookies, although they are mainly circumstantial or exclusive to the bookmaker. The ones that are always present are as follows:

Team with the best hitter or bowler

At the conclusion of the game, a top batter and bowler are chosen from among all of the players. These players can represent either side, and bettors can gamble on which team each player will represent.

Match winner

This is the most straightforward market possible. Simply predict which of the two sides will win the present game. There is also the possibility of wagering on a tie, for a total of three alternatives. Many bettors participate in this market while watching the game and betting on other aspects of the event.

Per-inning over/under

The amount of total overs every game is calculated by the bookmakers. Gamblers must merely estimate if the real Simulated Reality League live score outcomes will be higher or lower than the sportsbook estimate. Every SRL gambler has access to all of these markets.

How can I be informed about SRL Leagues?

You must stay up to date with the latest news in this sector if you do not want to lose anything. And it’s here that you’ll need a popular bookmaker, who is dependable and time-tested. You can always check the sportsbook and look for the latest updates. 

These bookies strive to supply punters with the most up-to-date information in this field. They provide everything one needs to make virtual reality league betting fun and rewarding, including a user-friendly interface, lucrative odds, and a wide range of betting options.

Tips for the Simulated Reality League – How to Bet on SRL

Betting on SRL leagues is just like betting on real-world sports and activities. The most significant distinction is that you may watch all Simulated Reality League games on your smartphone or computer for free. This is a useful tool since it enables you to wager in real-time while watching the game.

Whether you choose to place your bets on Simulated Reality League before the game or make live bets while the game is in progress, gambling on SRL demands a technique. To help you get the most out of your SRL journey, here are a few fundamental SRL tips

Organize Your Investments

It’s easy to get swept up with SRL matches since they happen so frequently. Fund management is an important aspect of any betting strategy. Before you begin generating Simulated Reality League predictions, choose your spending cap. If things aren’t going as expected, don’t chase with live bets. You want to keep your money intact so you can wager on the next game.

Statistics for Research

Before placing their bets, experienced sports bettors gather the data. The same is true for SRL projections. A list of statistics may be seen by clicking on any match. You’ll discover essential head-to-head information such as win likelihood and historical results. These figures are significant. Understand that these games are based on real-life situations.

Take Advantage of Live Wagering

One of the finest aspects of live betting is the opportunity to hedge your bets. This is when you bet against your initial bet in order to either lock in a profit or limit your losses. It’s a kind of insurance scheme. 

Another advantage of live betting during SRL events is that you can really witness the game unfold. This enables you to choose your places and make well-informed live bets. As previously said, don’t get too carried away with live betting.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

A welcome bonus is offered by almost every online bookmaker. Many of them also provide reload bonuses and other unique deals for SRL bettors. Taking advantage of these fantastic deals will significantly improve your betting experience.


Placing bets for the Simulated Reality League is similar to betting on any other sport. It’s hard to think that so many individuals are prepared to bet real money on simulated events, but it has caught on and is becoming increasingly popular. In many respects, it is following in the footsteps of eSports, the newest betting fad.

Many admirers would tell you that SRL is the closest thing to the genuine thing. Given how well-designed the infrastructure is, this is logical. You may simply enjoy betting in the cricket league whenever you like.